what parts of the body does Pilates (mat) exercise tone?

Question by APRYLL: what parts of the body does Pilates (mat) exercise tone?
I have heard several things.
I want to tone my arms, abs, but and thighs. I am not overweight, just a little “loose”.
I am signing up for a Mat Pilates class – does it truly target these areas?

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Answer by vegan_lauren
yes! omigosh, the FIRST time i went my arms and butt AND my thighs (yes, the horrible inner thighs!!!) looked and felt toned. i’ve since then lost 60 pounds!!! so, yes, it does =]

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  1. Yes, Pilates tones almost every part of your body. You definitely will feel like you’ve had a workout! Have fun and good luck!

  2. Well, Pilates is the most splendid whole body toner I’ve ever come across……

    I practise Pilates for 5 years now and I can tell you the result – it’s a real mean body workout program!

    It tones, sculpts, strengthens and stretches all your muscle groups but particularly your core muscles (abs, butts, thighs, hips, back and spine), all at one go, in one exercise movement.

    It also recruits the use of your arms, legs, chest and shoulders in many exercise movements.

    And the sheer act of pulling-in navel back into your spine is enough to flatten your abs to sexier shape and the stretches and strenghtening are fabs in chiselling shapes into your muscles – you look leaner, taller, slimmer and elegant in your body shape.

    Hey, try it! You’d be amazed at the transformation Pilates does to your body shape.

  3. Pilates tones the entire body. The farther you get into it, the more muscle groups it targets. Yes, the core (abs, glutes, and lower back) are the classic Pilates emphases, but your arms, legs, and upper back get a workout too.
    Mat Pilates, IMHO, is much more beneficial if done at a Pilates studio, where the instructor will have hundreds of hours of formal training. Gym instructors frequently do not, although there are exceptions.
    Finally, do not expect instant results. Joe Pilates said you will see a change in 10 sessions, and a new body in 30 sessions (I forget what ’20’ was: something in-between). 🙂 So…10 weekly sessions= 2 1/2 months. But it’s worth it. It really is.

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