Exercise and Fitness Video: Pilates Abs

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Svetlana Lysenko – www.MyYogaOnline.com Voice by Odette Slater This level two Pilates class flows though a series of more advanced Pilates exercises to create long, lean muscle tone, correct alignment, improve posture, and to cultivate the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Build strength from the inside out with this Pilates video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Exercise and Fitness Video: Pilates Abs

  1. If she’s wearing a lavaliere microphone, why does the audio sound so full of echo and noise, as if being relayed by the cam’s built-in mic?

  2. @rafalweb thank you for answering. I did it foe a couple of months and I just got tone and I was discourage by not loosing the weight. Now I walk/run, but is going slow…

  3. @YANET213

    This will help tone the muscles, but by itself, I don’t think there will be any weight loss. You have to loose the weight with other exercises as well, cardio, diet, etc, whatever works. Your six pack is already there, it’s just waiting to pop out when the weight goes down.

  4. hi ..umm well ussually if your neck hurts more then anything eles or your ab area then its because your ussing the wieght of your head to help you out or you might be benging your neck more to help you up..if you want another way to do situps focuss on your stomic or put on music so that your not focussed on the pressure<3 srry for the spelling

  5. @WapakRedskins thats because u r using ur neck while u do situps, u should keep ur neck straight looking to the ceiling, dont press ur neck to ur sternon while u exercise.

  6. whenever I do situps and other ab workouts when I am laying down, my neck hurts more than anything else. am I doing something incorrectly or is it normal?

    but thanks that is the most my abs have ever burned in that short amount of time. this is great!

  7. -nightmare101jones
    Yes it is a good sign because that means that you are burning the fat away… hope this helped 😀

  8. I must improve my flexibility. plus I feel so sluggish today – but I know I will feel better if I exercise than if I just continue sitting here.

  9. this seems like a great way to get your core toned and strong I want to change my body not just lose weigth drop a dress size get skinny but really become a strong person inside and out and pilates sounds like the way I loe watching these very serene videos.

  10. i am a man- i just repeat more some of the exercises; which are very clear and nice; since my belly is a bit big i have difficulty;

  11. Yesterday I had my first class of pilates, and I did all of this exercises. The paiiin!!

  12. I’m going to sign up for a pilates class so I can stay in shape. It seems challenging but worth it.

  13. She probably (FARTED) a whole bunch, but you guys muted it out! Women fart more than men, when women here a guy fart they say its gross but really they like it because they do it all the time!

  14. I am going to my first pilates class today just to check it out and i am sooooo scared!!!

  15. i need to try this. My posture is crap and I have a lower back injury due to short and weak muscles.Core muscles are … bad and weak and hamstrings are too short. This should help me a lot.

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