What is the exercise pilates?

Question by Fluffy ♥: What is the exercise pilates?
What does it involve? Is it like yoga?

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Answer by Nolagirl83
Its more challenging then yoga……..Pilates is more strength training with controlled moves and breathing. Yoga is more of stretching and controlled moves with breathing and meditation.

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  1. a slow kinda excercise, personally i def dont like it, i need more action lol. but loads of men and women like it. its like yoga but yoga is more breathing and slow, and stuff like that. with pilates u need furniture, u get to controll breating with strong movements of low impact. it works

  2. Pilates exercise is invented by Joseph Pilates. It uses the essence of Yoga, dance, gymnastics and also a lot of original exercises.

    It’s different from Yoga because Pilates focuses on the muscles of the abs, lower back, hips and butts. The main aim is to build and strengthen the body’s core (or powerhouse) which is located in and around these mentioned muscles.

    You do balancing, stretching, strengthening and toning exercises all at one go…….Superb and time-saving whole body toning exercise program, anytime, any place!

    The exercise helps to improve posture, increase your flexibility and joint mobility…… and it doesn’t build big, bulky muscles but increase strength where it’s needed.

    It’s a very efficient exercise. I promise, you’ll like it because the end result is this: you get a longer, leaner, slimmer, stronger, toned and graceful body.

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