How To Become A Pilates Instructor In 4 Quick Steps

How To Become A Pilates Instructor In 4 Quick Steps

How To Become A Pilates Instructor In 4 Quick Steps

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Home Page > Sports and Fitness > How To Become A Pilates Instructor In 4 Quick Steps

How To Become A Pilates Instructor In 4 Quick Steps

Posted: Mar 08, 2010 |Comments: 0


Pilates is now one of the most popular exercise methods in the world today. Many individuals enrol to different fitness centres just to achieve the ultimate Pilates experience. Pilates has two key elements: core muscle strength and spinal alignment.

This requires complex movements and muscle flexibility to learn efficient exercise methods and to achieve successful results. Most health schools and fitness institutions need qualified instructors to guide Pilates practitioners and help them attain the best results from Pilates. Job opportunities are pouring in for many health and fitness providers to be able to build a career and here is how to become a Pilates Instructor in four quick steps.

Enroll in Pilates Training Courses

Pilates certification is necessary to be able to qualify and professionally teach Pilates. Pilates certification is generally divided into two parts: the Pilates mat certification and the Comprehensive Pilates certification. Aside from these, there are various levels of advanced training available for those who would like to specialise in a certain field of Pilates teaching.

Take the National Pilates Certification Exam

Every professional practitioner requires certification exams to evaluate their technical knowledge and skills in teaching their chosen field of profession. Although some fitness centres or health schools might not require any certifications for those who want to teach Pilates, it is still advised to acquire one. It will be your best protection in being a Pilates provider. You can also acquire certification for combining Pilates with the use of fitness equipments and other exercise methods. This includes yoga-Pilates or Pilates on ball techniques that will enhance your skills and efficiency as a Pilates instructor.

Be Physically Fit

In order to provide effective Pilates teaching, you should be physically fit yourself. Pilates uses muscle flexibility and core muscle stability that can be very difficult to execute and teach if your body is not properly conditioned. You may be putting your students and yourself at risk when performing complex movements and exercises. You should also be aware of the six essential Pilates principles to give your practitioners the real Pilates experience. Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow form the foundation of providing the correct Pilates approach that makes it unique from any other exercise methods of today.

Build Discipline

In order to become an effective Pilates instructor you should be able to acquire self-discipline and passion for Pilates. Teaching requires patience, diligence and love for the field. Many students will need your energy and attention towards their own performance to be able to teach them the proper ways of executing Pilates. Communication is also a very important part of being a Pilates instructor. Pilates is more physical than any other kind of physical exercises or activities. You should be able to let your students feel Pilates in a more holistic perspective.

Young health professionals are more and more interested in taking Pilates courses in Dublin to enhance their own skills and well-being. Pilates teacher training courses are widely offered by most health and fitness schools to many health practitioners and professionals and Pilates isexpected to become a flourishing career in the years to come.

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