What is a better workout an elliptical or pilates?

Question by seriously obsessive freak: What is a better workout an elliptical or pilates?
I want a workout that burns fat and was wondering what’s better. Doing an interval workout on the elliptical which is a preprogrammed setting that lasts a half hour or the mtv pilates dvd. What’s a more effective workout? Thanks!

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Answer by pasdeclef
I do both the elliptical and Pilates, so I feel comfortable answering your question. The elliptical is the best machine for burning calories of any kind (better than the treadmill, stationary bike, or stair climber). That’s because it burns more calories per minute (no matter what shape you’re in). Try a few different setting on the elliptical and see which one you like—or switch off from time to time. Kilimanjaro, on the one I use, is a good one.

Pilates is a much different form of exercise. It focuses on flexibility, balance, core strength, and posture. It DOES burn calories, but that isn’t its primary emphasis. It’s quite possible your gym, if you’re a member, has a Pilates class—sometimes it helps to do Pilates in a group. Pilates also has a mind/body/spirit benefit that is very difficult to describe but is quite noticeable once you get into it.

Think of fitness as a triangle. The 3 sides are cardiovascular endurance, resistance training, and flexibility. So…doing the elliptical and Pilates is 2/3’s. Do some resistance training, e.g., weight lifting, and you’ve got it all! Good luck!

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