Pilates Ball Exercises : Pilates Ball Exercise: Bent Knee to Leg Extension

Work your abs, hip flexers, quads, and shoulders with this Pilates exercise. Learn how to use a stability ball for bent knee leg extensions in this free exercise video about Pilates ball workouts. Expert: Jeri Ryan Bio: Jeri Ryan is the owner of Pilates Pure N Simple. She was certified as a Pilates instructor through Core Conditioning Physical Therapy in Studio City, California. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
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www.blogilates.com Cassey Ho, POP Pilates instructor, takes you through a tough oblique workout that will help you lose those love handles and shred away that muffin top. These moves are quite advanced so just do as many as you can and keep going! BLOG www.blogilates.com FACEBOOK www.facebook.com TWITTER: www.twitter.com DESIGNS: www.ogorgeous.com

32 thoughts on “Pilates Ball Exercises : Pilates Ball Exercise: Bent Knee to Leg Extension

  1. @whateverworks187
    It’s called contemporary Pilates. Look it up. I also share passion for the original form too of course, but cannot fit the heavy equipment in my living room. Everything is always evolving. That’s why it’s awesome that J. Pilates passed his profound knowledge of body mechanics onto others.

  2. In 2000, the courts ruled that the name Pilates stood for an exercise method and released the trademark. The downside: Often used for methods NOT Pilates BASED.
    Upside: Professionals with legitimate training may call their work Pilates, and add creativity to the practice. As long as the principles are present (Breath, centering, control, etc), it’s not such a bad thing. Personally, I also love the basics.

  3. For experts you would think that you would know that joseph Pilates the inventor of Pilates never ever used a ball. I guess not.

    Pilates = no ball exercises. Horrible false advertising to try and make an extra buck.

    Physio ball is great, but it’s not Pilates. Or, far from authentic.

  4. Which is the diameter of that ball? I’m thinking about getting one of those balls soon.

    Thanks for the vid!! 😉

  5. @BlogilatesTV
    Yeah I do !! =D I’m so glad I found your channels in the first place =)

  6. Oh maaaaaan !! now I have to download the videos from this channel too 😀
    and I thought I had them all now :'(

    I love your videos cassey !! thank you!!

  7. hey cassey! i love your videos! i cant seem to find one with a specific move…the lotus crunch i think you called it…

  8. @TheKaitSong Ok well on the candle stick dippers that would be tough to not use your ankles. Just do the floor exercises or if you like the sensation of the candle stick, use a heavy weight, like 10lbs + and simply stand hip width apart and hold the weight in your right hand and slide it down your leg then back up. Do like 20 on the right and then switch to left.

  9. Hi Cassey! Follow you on tumblr and love your videos! This one was hard one because of my ankles (surgery a few years ago) is there anything else I could do to tone them down since they’re the only thing getting in the way of my bikini body?? Thanks if you respond! (please respond I’m desperate!)

  10. Hi, I love your workouts! This one killed me. I ran then came home as I was doing the harder version of the candle stick dip, my hip was cramping. Am I just weak there? What going on?

  11. @sorceedea Yes it is def a strength difference. Sometimes being right handed will make you stronger on the right than the left. You’ll def notice it with balance. Just keep going at it!

  12. I have a question. I did this workout yesterday and my left obliques is more sore then my right oblique. My question is if this is because I worked out my left oblique harder then my right oblique? Or is this due to the strength difference you said might I might feel? Please help, I’ve noticed I’ve been having this same problem with different parts of my body such as my glutes. Thanks!

  13. YOU’VE LOST WEIGHT CASSEY! i love your videos! you’re gorgeous! i received ur summer slim down videos uve realy shrunk down! shouldi do this work out every day ?

  14. easily another favorite. i always pick a few of your vids to do for the day and i love them, so fun !

  15. I did this workout yesterday and now my obliques are dying lol. I loveeeeeeeee it ,cant wait to do it again.

  16. it hurts when i talk…….. I LOVE IT. thankyou sooooooo much cassey! im lovin this soreness!

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