Q&A: Does anyone know of a good pilates work out?

Question by S: Does anyone know of a good pilates work out?
I’m a ballet student and am needing to incorporate an ab workout into my routine. I’m looking for a short (about a half an hour) workout that’s effective, maybe at an intermediate or advanced level. I’ve already developed my abdominal muscles to some extent, but I’ve heard that pilates can really “shock them into shape” and that pilates is good for dancers. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Sirena
Pilates won’t “shock them into shape” – that’s a common misconception. And it certainly won’t give you a six-pack,because it works on the deep core muscles.

The other point about Pilates exercises is that if you don’t do them exactly right, they do no good at all.

I’d recommend you book one private lesson with a Pilates instructor. As a dancer, you’ll pick up the correct form and you’ll then be able to practice on your own.

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