Pilates for a 13 year old?

Question by Kelly Taylor 49: Pilates for a 13 year old?
I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, I am 13 and it sounds great! Any tips for starting up? I have some On Demand Pilates lessons, do I need any equipment? Thanks!

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Answer by justbeingher
I don’t know about your program. If it is a mat program you may need a fitball or a ring – and the program materials should tell you.

Pilates was invented for ballet dancers to increase their core strength. It makes beautiful bodies with a minimum of time, beautiful posture as well. If done correctly it is one of the most worthwhile exercises you could possibly do. Go for it and have fun. It will be so good for you.

Keep in mind one of Joseph Pilates’ most key statements: One movement perfectly done, is much more beneficial than 60 movements done sloppily. You will see what he means when you feel the results.

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