What is pilates, is it some sort of exercise?

Question by David: What is pilates, is it some sort of exercise?
I’ve heard this mentioned the last few days, just wondering what it is exactly?

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Answer by secret girl
to get a nice butt

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  1. pilates is like yoga but not as relaxing your moving more. but yea its a type of excercise.

  2. Pilates is an exercise regimen developed by Joseph Pilates, a German who spent time in England and later moved to the US. He developed his routine in order to give interned German soldiers in England some exercise while they were in the hospital. He adapted a hospital bed with springs and straps so that patients lying down could get some exercise. After that, which became the Reformer, he developed other pieces of apparatus, including the Cadillac and Wunda Chair.
    Pilates was a superior being who believed in, and wrote about wellness decades before it became fashionable. He wrote about the effects of smog, bad diet, and inadequate sleep. His exercise routine, in his words, was aimed at ‘strengthening and lengthening the muscles and ligaments’, but it also improves one’s breathing, posture, flexibility, balance, and strength. It also gives one a body/mind/spirit connection, something akin to Yoga. Pilates has been called “Yoga for Type A personalities.” This may be because whereas yoga has static poses, Pilates is constant motion.
    Pilates can be done either on a mat (usually in a class setting), or on the above-mentioned apparatus, usually one-on-one or with one fellow student. If you explore Pilates, I strongly recommend you go to a studio and do a drop-in mat class session. Studio instructors are almost always certified and highly-trained, whereas instructors at the gym are neither, although there are exceptions.
    As with any new activity, do not expect instant resuts. Joe said that after 10 sessions, you would notice a difference, and that after 30 sessions you would have a new body. Of course, that was with Joe, whose sessions sound like boot camp.
    Pilates helped me get to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa at age 55. It can help you attain your goals, too.

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