POP Pilates: Total Body Sculpt Workout – Abs, Butt, Thighs, Legs, Arms! (Full 10 min) Pilates Video

www.blogilates.com This Pilates workout video really sculpts the core, legs, arms, obliques, and will for sure make you sore the next day. New video series will be filmed periodically for you to follow, so subscribe to stay tuned! Cassey Ho is a fun Pilates Instructor who loves mixing up her moves to upbeat pop music. Songs in this workout “Ce Jeu” by Yelle “Sexy Chick” by David Guetta “Robot Rock” by Daft Punk —— Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com Read my Blogilates: www.blogilates.tumblr.com Join me on Facebook facebook.com or www.facebook.com ——
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “POP Pilates: Total Body Sculpt Workout – Abs, Butt, Thighs, Legs, Arms! (Full 10 min) Pilates Video

  1. Watching over these videos before actually doing them results in a “good hurt.” You make it look so easy! These 10 minute bursts of intensity are killer. Can’t wait for my next 10 minute break to do another!

  2. I’m so excited to try out this workout, but I was wondering what I could do to even out my butt (I know it might sound weird but my left butt cheek is totally flat compared to the other one).

    I use to do Tae Kwon Do when I was little and I use to kick with my right leg mainly, but there was never really a difference until I quit and I started loosing muscle tone. The weird thing is my thighs are actually the same size, so I don’t really know what to do.

  3. i have been working out for 30 yrs am now 60. i have hated every minute of every workout, so for my birthday this yr i decided that i had to find some fun exercises. well stumbled on your site. i feel so happy. i had just comepleted 2 hour workout when i found u. i had to force myself to stop flipping from workout to workout, and actually doing another 1/12 hour with you. i love your presentation, and the music. most of all i like how u can mix and match so u don’t get bored. thank u so much

  4. Wow, thank you so much. You are a huge inspiration to me ! I absolutely love your channel…probably the best motivator i’ve ever seen.
    Keep it up girl, your amazing ! 🙂
    p.s you look amazing !

  5. hello do we have to follow all the videos at the same day or each video per/day???

    please let me know this.,

    by the wy your videos really help us.


  6. @vikki12307 That’s what I did, well I attempted to go it & fell several times. But I made a goal for myself to do it once my body is strong enough & I achieved it a month later (which was yesterday) & I felt AMAZING! Just give it a try & even if you mess up, just KEEP going & you’ll finally be strong enough to complete this. If not, just do her other videos to build strength & to tone up & I come back to it laster on 😀

  7. Loved it but can’t do the side lifts on the hips..hurts my hips. Those exercises always have : (

  8. OMG woman I’m dieing!!!

    this is awesome and quick perfect for that quick work out….some of this was really difficult so hopefully my dancer muscles that aren’t as toned that used to be will be again in no time…thank you

  9. I absolutely love your videos! I love how simple but affective your workouts are. Thanks so much!

  10. @blogilates eatin well and diet and runing cross country ,for 3 months non stop.thanks for [posting these great videos

  11. i really love all your videos.Now I’m really proud of my upper body..I owe this to you:) however i refrained from doing any exercise that involve lying on the floor…i Have lower back issue. I wish you could upload standing abs exercise. keep rocking girl…

  12. I love how perky and inspiring you are! I have been working out for five years and I was getting bored with my usual cardio,weights, yoga routine – this is really gentle, quick and fun! I am also seeing changes in the shape of my body – which is pretty impressive considering I’m at my goal weight and don’t want to loose any weight 🙂

  13. @kissyfrancoise Wow you did!!??? That’s amazing. Did you also make a lifestyle change with your diet and everything? CONGRATS!!!

  14. OMG THANKS YOU .LOL i losed 50 pounds doing your videos for 3 MONTHS

    love kissyfrancoise

  15. You’re so beautiful! You’re such a great motivator, not only with your words but because I’m sure so many people would LOVE to look like you! What an inspiration and the workouts kick my arse everytime but I love em. Thank you!

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