What kind of exercise is best for losing weight on your thighs?

Question by Lara Ardeche: What kind of exercise is best for losing weight on your thighs?
I need something that is simple but effective, and requires no additional equipment. Some people say pilates, but what specific form of pilates? Are there any other types of exercise that can be done easily? Thank you for your help and consideration!

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Answer by Mel♥
Watch yoga videos–so you can go at your own pace doing non-strenuous excercise 😀

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  1. I’m big on running, I believe it really does help with loss of weight. Also, they say dancing is great! Good Luck!

  2. run or do the stair master. also you could do weights. anything with a good amount of leg activity. oh yeah, treadmill.

  3. The best for thighs and glutes are simple Lunges.
    Long steps forward crouching as low as you can go, and back. Then switch legs. When it gets easy, add a barbell with a few pounds on each side to add resistance.
    Keep going like this till you’re as tight as you want to be, and all eyes are on you. 🙂

  4. Okay, first things first. You can’t do an excercise to lose weight on your thighs (or any other specific part of your body). You can build up your thigh muscles, but you won’t lose fat on your thighs unless you lose weight all over by eating less and doing more cardio.

    But, assuming you want to build up your thigh muscles to improve their appearance and strength, squats and lunges are really good. And if you are interested in pilates, a lot of the standing pilates emphasizes plies and other thigh-intestive excercizes.

  5. I picked up a pilates video at the library a few weeks ago. On the cover of some of the videos it mentioned what they were gonig to target in the video..abs, thighs.

    Perhaps before you go out and spend money on a pilates video, you could go to your local library and check out what they have. And then see which video you find most effective/enjoyable to do…and if you feel that you then want to buy it, go ahead. That way you wont get stuck with something that you dont actually like.

    Also, walking is fantastic exercise, for all parts of your body.

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