Do Pilates really work?

Question by CountryGirl83: Do Pilates really work?
Since its getting cold out and I dont want to really work out everyday in my shop where my work out equipment is, i was thinking about getting a pilates video but I dont wnat to waste my money. Does anyone know if it really works to lose weight and tone your body? Has anyone really seen improvements with it?

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Answer by aarondarling
Much like any program that is fitness oriented…most people dont stick with it. Almost any fitness program works if you stick with it.

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  1. I’m not sure about actual weight loss but I do know that it does stretch and tone your muscles. If your muscles are more elongated it gives you a more healthy look.

  2. I take Pilates equipment classes once a week. In six months, I lost inches around my waist and therefore look much slimmer. I don’t think a video would have the same impact because with machines they help you get the exact alignment necessary for slimming.

  3. Yes, infact some pilates tapes focus escpecially on that. Pilates is great excercise for toning and weightloss. Go to amazon, you can find some really cheap used-but-so-good-some-still-have-shrink-wrap pilates. I would suggest you try Denise Austin windsor, and whats is called? Oh yeah! living arts, here

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