25 thoughts on “Pilates workout to tone the butt and thighs

  1. i love Pilates. I really need to workout my abs, butt and thighs. But i don’t know how to fix my schedule from work. It’s quite hard. I’m working from 0400-1300 four times a week and mostly I’m tired. In terms of my food, two times a day from 8am and 3pm. I don’t know if it is healthy to do Pilates after work. Pls help. tnx

  2. wow i felt so weak doing this haha…hopefully after a week or two it gets easier!!

  3. im 16 and did this and it was hard i don’t know how these ppl do this its an amazing work out thnx

  4. I have a bit of fat on the inside of my thighs, but not really anywhere else on my legs. Will this help to get rid of it?

  5. hey i do the 3 workouts videos butt , thigh and abs daily is it more than enough and Wat kind of diet should i follow i only have fat in my side thighs and little on my butts will i reduce wait in 1 month if i do those 3 videos daily.

  6. 4 minutes in and i almost died. I’m pretty slim but I haven’t worked out for a year so all my muscles are gone 🙁

  7. If the buttocks aren’t strong enough, they won’t be targeted during a squatting action, only the thighs. This is why you should do these Pilates butt exercises to tone and sculpt the butt. Remember, to make your body smaller you have to combine healthy eating with regular exercise.

  8. so this will help me get fit? and have a lot nicer butt and thighs? In how much time? please respond

  9. dammnn! I’m lousy. If you actually follow the breathing, tightening of butt and everything correctly those leg circles get tough! hahaha! 🙂 I think i’ll be hitting the subscribe button. . .

  10. how many calories a day should I eat, to loose 3 pounds? if I do this video and the abb one?

  11. If I use this and the the ab workout, with a gym workout and a diet, could I lose 25-30 lbs before April 25th.

  12. Search for our Pilates stretches video. If you still find it uncomfortable then keep the knee slightly bent. I hope this helps.

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