*Exercise help* Any good recomendations of good pilates DVD?

Question by `♥ٍٕŦ@§ħâŴ♥`: *Exercise help* Any good recomendations of good pilates DVD?
I wan’t to start doing pilates. And I wan’t to know if you have any good recomendations for DVDs. (I wan’t the name of the DVD and where I can buy it)

The only requirements is that it’s easy to learn(for beginners) and that it requires NO extra equipment. I’m mean NONE

Am also interested in DVDs that might combine other exercises thing such as, cardo, dance..ect..with the pilates. I think that would be fun.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you


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Answer by jsemkralfootball
check http//:workoutdvds.com

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  1. I have the crunch gym pilates. They are really good. A great beginner program I thought. I was able to buy my dvd at walmart. They have several different dvds there.

    A place I highly suggest and do to anyone is a program like Power 90, Slim in Six, Hip Hop Abs etc. They are all from the same company (different fitness experts doing them though). I did one of them and lost a great deal of weight with their program. The upside is its not just exercise but they give you help on making your diet better as well. As well as many more features.

    You can google those names to see the company to buy them from.

  2. Sweetie, I guess you would love the “Billy’s Boot Camp” DVD for exercise. You don’t need any material thing, just your body. You can find it over amazon.com or maybe you can download it. 7days guarantee of seeing yourself change your form. So check it out and try it. I have that DVD also but sometime I only watch them doing as I become so lazy recently after having misunderstanding with my BUDDY.

  3. I have Crunch PIlates. I have it on tape ( bought it a while ago!) but I have seen it in stores on DVD, of course.

    It has standing work and floor work.

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