Yoga and Pilates; a few questions?

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by Aedioa

Question by Katie: Yoga and Pilates; a few questions?
1) What exactly is the difference between yoga and pilates?

2) Which is better? I’ve lost weight and want to tone up now, but don’t know which one to try or which’ll be more effective.

3)Do you need certain equipment for each?

4)Is there any good website out there that has free tutorials on each?

Thanks Karatesize! It looks really interesting 😀 I might just try it out, too

Best answer:

Answer by millskarate
Both are similar. They concentrate on slow, stretching and positions. I prefer practicing Karate, it’s more dynamic and explosive to tone the body. But, that’s just me. Good luck.

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4 thoughts on “Yoga and Pilates; a few questions?

  1. 1. Yoga is more for flexibility, stretching your muscles out. Pilates builds muscles and stretches them out.

    2. I think Pilates will be best for you if you want to tone up. It gives you great muscles but not bulky ones.

    3. For Yoga you need these yoga block things and for Pilates sometimes you need an exercise ball but not most of the time. if you need it it’s usually stated on the DVD (if you decide to do the videos. you can also go to a class at your local gym).

    4. Pilates:


    Pilates is great for your abs and thighs, as well as your arms.

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