Which is a better exercise to lose weight, Yoga or Pilates?

Question by pochacco630: Which is a better exercise to lose weight, Yoga or Pilates?
I’m planning to do either or, if not both of them but just wanted to know which one will help you lose more weight rather than just toning? i’m not really a spiritual person so i might skip the yoga and there are so many different types of yoga to choose from, so i’m basically clueless. It seems like Pilates provide more of a workout but …

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Answer by Nicole
pilates tones and lengthens while yoga targest relaxation and reliving stress. they are both good workouts but pilates is more physical and yoga is also great for physical but more mental

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  1. uh yeah i think you’re gonna wanna go with pilates even though advanced levels of yoga have very strenuous exercises.
    =] good luck

  2. They are very similar, but I really think it depends on the class/instructor/type. I had a fitness DVD once that was cardio Pilates, so it was a combination of cardio and traditional Pilates strength moves. There are also more fast-paced yoga classes. I think either can be beneficial to you, but you just have to experiment a little or find out a lot of information on the class before committing to one.

  3. The pilates class I went to was much more aerobic and challenging than Yoga. I would go that route if you are trying to lose weight.

  4. Pilates is far better for weight loss and other such training. They have the integrity to take some small part of the practices from Yoga, but not call it Yoga. Truth is that Yoga is not a weight loss program at all. It is not a physical fitness program. To call Yoga a fitness program or a weight program is like holding a nail in your hand and calling it a house. It might be a part of a house, but it is not a house.

    While it is not true that Yoga is a merely physical program, it appears that way to the majority of people. Therefore, because of the appearances, many sincere seekers are not finding authentic Yoga, which has some of the highest teachings and practices known to humanity.

    Following authentic Yoga may bring a person not only spiritual realization, but also side effects that might include physical health, reducing or eliminating some diseases, or health promotion. The intent of Yoga is to focus on the spiritual, right from the very beginning. Through such an authentic orientation of Yoga, many fruits will come, including the physical benefits.

    The problem is not one of changing the path of those who practice adaptations of Yoga, or only small parts of Yoga. Such people have a perfect right to do as they wish. However, what is needed, is to clearly reaffirm the true nature of authentic Yoga and make this available to the true seekers in a wide array of venues. Fortunately, at least a small percentage of teachers are trying to do this.

    To the ancients, Yoga is a complete system, of which the postures are a small, though quite useful part. The word “Yoga” referred to the whole, not merely one part, which is the postures, or Asanas. The entire purpose of Yoga is spiritual in nature, according to the ancient sages.

    In modern times, the relative position of the postures has been elevated, so as to lead people to believe that the word “Yoga” refers to physical postures or Asanas, and that the goal of these is physical fitness. The whole and the part have been reversed, terribly misleading and confusing people about the true nature of authentic Yoga.

  5. Yoga is not only about spirituality.. It’s one of the best ways known for weight loss! It’s simple and effective. Pilates, yes it’s good also, but it’s not bigger than yoga.. The choice is yours 🙂

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    All the best

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