Nutritional Pilates Workout! Book Giveaway Contest To enter to win one of Nutrition Diva’s Secrets for a Healthy Diet books, personally autographed by ND herself, simply upload a picture of you and your fave food in the funniest pose. Funniest pic wins! Contest begins 6/18/2011. Ends 6/26/2011 11:59PM PST. Start snappin! BLOG: FACEBOOK TWITTER: MUFFIN TOPS: PILATES FOR FUN AND THE HEART… There are many things Pilates can do. It can give you a more toned waist, long toned muscles, greater flexibility, incredible focus, the ability to regulate your breathing and much, much more. If you’d like a slightly longer workout, just hit pause and keep going with any exercise for as long as you can maintain your form…. Video bu – http Follow me on Twitter: Read my Blogilates: Join me on Facebook

50 thoughts on “Nutritional Pilates Workout! Book Giveaway Contest

  1. Holla! Have you thought about intellectus diet (google intellectus424dietcom)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend lost a ton of weight with it.

  2. heya, can i email u the photo as i dont hav facebook but really wanna enter the contest?!?!?
    <3 <3 <3

  3. I drink a special alternative, I drink goats milk which even lactose intolerant people can drink, and since I own and milk the goats its free!

  4. Hi cassey
    Can you please do a video where you just talk about stuff like balance between cardio and weight, type of food for getting muscle mass or getting lean, the hours you should put in and other such stuff???? I think that will be so great!!! Please:):):)

  5. I love this:)! burn & learn.. how clever. This was a really good workout for in the morning:)! I really like the moves in this workout too.

  6. i have day that i could workout until im totally dead…but someday i just cant force myself to workout…:-(

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  8. Hi Cassy! Could you please make a second video for getting rid of love handles and muffin top 🙂

  9. I LOVED this! 😀 My days started out kinda bleary but after this and all the tips and fun workouts (and the background music was just perfect) changed my mood around. Thanks so much for sharing, Cassey! <3 I definitely want to head out to whole foods now!

  10. @seygra20
    I like green magma. It is finely chopped up sea weed. Adds a little salty taste to it which gives the salad a little more taste. Totally healthy. and good too. I sprinkle it on instead of black pepper.
    try it at your local health store.
    shear : )

  11. Hey Cassey! Could you do an ab workout series? Like with a beginner, intermediate and advanced workout so that you can slowly build up the abs :). Oh and thank you for all your videos, you make working out fun. Or at least less horrible for a not so sporty person as myself 🙂

  12. I don’t like salad dressing. I just drizzle a small amount sesame oil or flavoured oil over my salad.

  13. Love it, second time I’ve done it i dont feel it realy in my abs so much I did a lot the first time. I never feel stuff that much the second time…Grr I’ve been exercisising for weeks and still no flat tummy…:'(

  14. Nice! I’m going to try doing this video in the mornings before I go to work as a morning pick me up! 😀 Thanks for this great video!

  15. Why is it important to keep a fast pace for exercises as these? Doing pilates is it not more important to get the exercise right when it’s about strengthening the body and not getting your pulse up? Because I’ve heard a lot of people say rather do it really slow and correctly than many, fast and wrong.

  16. All that is missing is you wearing a micro-bikini….without the shoes…..and oiled up a bit. If you do that, you have the chance to be the next Denise Austin…….that business model worked pretty well for her didn’t it?

    As of now, with this video, you are just another fitness chick doing ab work on the beach. BORING!!!!!!

  17. I’m gonna be practicing with this routine at home when I don’t have time to go to the studio! Thanks a lot for the upload! Love it!

  18. Wow! This is great! I’ve been doing Yoga/Pilates at a local Yoga Studio here in Vancouver and this is pretty similar to what my favourite instructor teaches us (we also use props). I

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