Knowing More About the Benefits Of Pilates Workout Equipment

Knowing More About the Benefits Of Pilates Workout Equipment

Knowing More About the Benefits Of Pilates Workout Equipment

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Home Page > Sports and Fitness > Equipment > Knowing More About the Benefits Of Pilates Workout Equipment

Knowing More About the Benefits Of Pilates Workout Equipment

Posted: Feb 01, 2011 |Comments: 0


Pilates is an exercise which is commonly performed on a mat. It is an exercise without resistance. Beginners usually confused with the exercise since Pilates uses different method from other exercises. This exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates in 1900s. This exercise can result in weight loss and give emphasis to hips, lower back, abdominals, and thighs.

Pilates is an exercise method which is commonly done to gain better posture and increase muscle strength, core, coordination, and flexibility. Commonly the exercises are performed using Pilates workout exercise equipments or simply using a mat. The Pilates equipments are required to help beginners in finding core muscles. Nowadays, stability ball is also used to bring balance challenge. The balance challenge makes core muscle activated.

You might also find Pilates chair which is featured with pedals and platform. Beginner Pilates workout program can stand on the pedals while holding its platform. The proficiency of using Pilates chair will increase and you will not need to hold the platform. The common Pilates workout equipments are Cadillac, reformer, Wunda chair, arc barrel, total gym and cable, tower, stability ball, Bosu, and fitness circle.


Reformer is the most popular type of Pilates equipment. This unit has traps, moving carriage, jump board, and also foot bar. You can adjust the resistance level by removing or adding more springs. The springs are coded with color to know the resistance level of your workout progress.

Cadillac is usually called as trapeze table which has four poles. It comes with accessories attached to the poles. The accessories which you can find are bars, straps, and springs. This unit works for every part of your body.

Stability ball is good to bring balance challenge to you. This unit brings effective training on deep core musculature. The core is the basis of Pilates exercise technique. You can use the stability ball with resistance bands and cable for better stimulation.

Bosu is like an Arc barrel which is usually used for arc barrel exercises. You can also use Bosu for side-bending exercise. It can also be used for people who perform side-leg exercise to prevent discomfort when lying on the floor.

Commonly, the side-laying exercise is intended to train outer thigh which can cause muscular imbalance. It is crucial to activate inner thigh muscles for better knee and pelvic stability. We often see beginners of Pilates exercise have trouble with Pilates Roll-Up. The Pilates Roll-Up is a full sit up position which is a little hard to be performed by newbie. If you are using Pilates reformer you can wrap the band around your feet and try to roll to the upright position.

The benefits of doing this exercise are posture improvement, muscle toning, better flexibility, stronger core, great balance and coordination, and many more. You can also burn calories by doing Pilates workout. It is very healthy and useful to make you feel healthier for better quality of life.

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lisa lucero
About the Author:

We believe that you are interested in doing Pilates workout equipment for improved health condition. You can consider the Pilates Reformer for sale for better workout experience.

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I’m drinking muscle milk after my workouts and I wanted to know if there’s anything out there for women to bulk up instead of muscle milk
What fomulars we can use to keep our enviroment safe and clean,if there is any one know the equipments which we can use,which can not cost us much money to buy them
Hi actually i have recently purchaced a car and i want to know what type of equipment i should have in my car for an emergencey break down?

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We believe that you are interested in doing Pilates workout equipment for improved health condition. You can consider the Pilates Reformer for sale for better workout experience.

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