pilates exercise modification question?

Question by Darq: pilates exercise modification question?
I do pilates, and I am a beginner–i mean WAY beginner. I have a Beginner Pilates DVD that I use (The one by maggie rhodes) I don’t struggle particularly with any of the exercises except for one particular set: There is a series of exercises in which you are sitting, the spine needs to be straight, and the arms are out at shoulder length parallel to the ground, and the legs are stretched straight out in front of you. She says to bend the knees slightly so that the backs of the thighs are not tight. however, I have extremely tight hamstrings and have to bend my knees more than slightly to be able to sit as tall as she instructs. can I do the exercises with my knees more bent?

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Answer by Summer
Yes, that should be ok but you can help your hamstrings loosen up by stretching beforehand also.

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