why havent i got a flat stomach? im slim & i exercise, do pilates and stuff.?

Question by Lisa: why havent i got a flat stomach? im slim & i exercise, do pilates and stuff.?
dont even bother telling me to do sit-ups and crunchies and exercise; i already do. and how come overweight people can be big but still have a flat stomach?? im 57 kg, 14 if that helps. xoxo
yea, and i eat healthy. my mums vegetarien so naturally i eat that kind off stuff
if this helps, yea i know itll never be perfectly flat, but at least not flabbly would be better

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Answer by sanjuu
Well this might be of laxity in abdominal muscles.So ask your physical trainer for exercises for abdominal muscles and with those you will get slim abdomen.

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10 thoughts on “why havent i got a flat stomach? im slim & i exercise, do pilates and stuff.?

  1. are you eating the right foods?cause exercise is really only one half of the equation..
    its all to do with body type as well..some larger people have super skinny legs..its just how some people are made.
    keep up the exercise,it does ake awhile to see good results!

  2. Carbohydrates: cut down on the carbohydrates you can be slim
    but if you have a lot of carbohydrates in your diet it will make you
    abdomen fatter. For example ppl who drink beer have slim
    legs and arms but a big round belly.

  3. It’s more about how much (and what) you eat that it is about exercise. Your body stores reserve energy as fat in all sorts of places, with the stomach being one of those. If you consume more energy (in the form of food) than you burn, then the fat remains or builds even more. So the only way to decrease that stomach is to eat less until your body starts eating that fat away.

    I would say that this is not something I would recommend. It’s perfectly healthy to have a non-perfect stomach. The fat is there as a mechanism to help people survive famines, as those occurred frequently in the past. So you really do have to starve yourself to get rid of it. But, in any case, if you want to do it, this is the way.

  4. I can only think of two possibilities.

    One is that, even though you eat healthy, your digestion is not quite right: either you are a bit constipated (then the bulge is – well, you know), or you have bloating from too much starch (bread, beans, potatoes, lentils).

    If that’s not the reason, then it may be incorrect technique in your situps. However if you’ve been taught Pilates by a qualified instructor, I find that hard to believe. Let me explain anyway and you can think about it.

    When you do any abdominal exercise, it’s absolutely crucial to pull your stomach in and have your spine in a neutral position before you start. Then when you do the exercise, only do it TO THE POINT WHERE YOU CAN STILL KEEP YOUR STOMACH FLAT.

    If you push beyond that point, your stomach will start to bunch up. At that point, your stomach muscles are still being exercised, but – and here’s the important thing – the muscles are learning to be strong in the bunched position, not in the flat position. So eventually your muscles stay bunched (i.e. bulged) all the time.

    It is possible to untrain them, but it will take a while and you need to be very disciplined about keeping your tummy flat in all exercises. It may mean you’ll only move an inch or two in situps which will make you feel very frustrated – sorry!

  5. It’s probably hereditary. I am thin but have always had a bit of a stomach, and I have noticed that all of the women in my family (also thin) have one. Actually, nature intended for women to have some stomach padding. Probably, the only way -drastic- for you to get a completely flat stomach is liposuction. I say accept your stomach and be happy.

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