Q&A: How can I work out my back and shoulders without weights?

Question by baaark: How can I work out my back and shoulders without weights?
I’ve been working out lately, and since I’m really tight on space, I don’t use anything like exercise equipment and weights. Just my Pilates DVD and my mat. But I want to know how to work out my shoulders and my back without going out and buying dumbbells.

Also, I don’t have any access to a bar for pull ups or anything like that.

If anyone has any advice, I’d appreciate it.

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Answer by ßαßε
Push ups and reverse push ups, where you prop your feet up on a chair, sit on the floor and push yourself up.

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  1. push ups and or decline pushup (with your legs on a chair or bed) to bad u dont have time to use equipment cuz pull ups and the butterfly press would be awesome for your shoulders and back, im not really sure how to work out your back without equipment.

  2. Resistance/exercise bands. They come is different colors for different resistance.

    They come in different ways, the ball and band, the therapy bands. I’ll attach a couple of links for you

    Since you do Pilates then this is right up your alley. Low resistance training, takes up NO space and can really tone your muscles. They cost anywhere from 6.00 to 20.00 so not only will they store easily, travel easily, they’re cheap!

    With bands, the tension is constant, which makes it feel harder. They’re like a Bowflex but cheaper LOL


    http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=78846 (this will also tell you the color code of the bands which will give you an idea of what “weight” you’d be lifting.



  3. back- i agree with the last person who answered. u might need to get some type of elastic bands. u can use those for everything.

    shoulders- this may sound a little extreme, but hear me out and if u try and like it…then i may have helped. vertical pushups. you say that u r into pilates…which would lead one to believe that u were of a fit physique. well try doing a handstand and allowing ur legs to rest on the wall. slowly let ur body drop towards the floor. then push urself back up. yes i know it sounds kinda crazy. but it is a good exercise for the shoulders and the stabilizers because of the gravity effect. i hope i was able to help

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