Is Pilates a great form of exercise?

Question by honibear35: Is Pilates a great form of exercise?
My lower back hurts alot and I was wondering if stretching with Pilates would be good for my back. I also have to stretch bands. Please give me some info.

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Answer by syooq
Pilates is a very good health regime that can release any amount of tension in any part of your body and also an effective alternative to stay in shape thanks to the easy moves and flexes and also the way of breathing. But do consult your doctor or your personal trainer regarding your back problems if you want to start out with Pilates. These professionals can advice you about the regularity of doing it based on your complications and might have some customised technics that you can follow in order for you to enjoy your Pilates sessions without straining your back complications.

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  1. Pilate’s is a very good form of exercise. I would start off slow to avoid injury. To take Pilate’s or Yoga seriously you must be very flexible. You will gain this with time. Everyone has to start somewhere. Through stretching and breathing you will energize your lymphatic system and speed up your metabolism if you currently don’t exercise. You will also be toning up a wide assortment of muscles in your body. You will feel more energized and in a healthy routine. My only advice is to take it slow.

  2. Pilates transformed my life literally. I was also suffering from lower back pain, swelling of the feet and ankles..all caused by excess weight. I did a combination of a modified low-carb diet plan, walking and exercised with a Pilates DVD. In a 7-9 month period I lost over 80 pounds and went down nearly 5 sizes! The method teaches you to strenghten your core (stomach and back) muscles which gives you a leaner and slimmer appearance. It does wonders for your posture as well. I would highly recommend this form of exercise. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempts aren’t very successful. Over time your strength will improve and you’ll enjoy ‘to die for’ results. Good luck!

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