Is it better to do Pilates when your muscles are cold or warmed up?

Question by Rachel: Is it better to do Pilates when your muscles are cold or warmed up?
I have heard that stretching when your muscles are cold is bad because it simulates muscle pulls. However, if I do Pilates after a cardio work-out, I can’t do the moves as well because my muscles are contracted. Thanks!

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Answer by MissJ
Before doing any type of execise it is best to warm up!

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  1. It is better to do Pilates when your muscles are warmed up because you risk muscle pulls, tears and vascular related damage.

  2. I just do the winsor Pilate’s video in the order Marty Winsor does it. I never had a problem. Or I do my own Pilate’s when I wake up.

  3. you’re right, stretching cold muscles isn’t very good. however, you don’t need to do pilates and cardio on the same day. after your cardio, make sure you get a good stretch in and hold each position for 10-30 seconds. that way, the muscle has a chance to relax. when doing pilates, it’s a good idea to do some warming up with going on an eliptical or something just to get the blood moving in your body. it also depends on what kind of pilates you do because it may be different for strength and stretch. i’m not a pilates instructor so your best bet is to talk to one.

    i do know, however, that there isn’t any good research to say that stretching can prevent injury. in fact, being too loose can lead to injury because it leads to instabliity. having no flexibility isn’t good, either, because you can’t go through daily activities like bending down to tie your shoe. stretching is best to maintain your normal range of motion at the joints so you can continue whatever kinds of activity you normally participate in. that’s why it is important to stretch after a workout because your muscles get tight and you may become muscle bound if they are never stretched back to normal. if your muscles get sore after every workout, you may need to change your workout. soreness is good, but extreme soreness should only be when you first start a rigorous workout plan, if at all. see your doctor and a certified personal trainer who is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine Certification and went to graduate school.

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