POP Pilates: Summer Slimdown Part 1

www.blogilates.com This workout is so much fun! It’s a total of 35 min long and there are parts 1 and 2 so don’t forget to do both. I made it really hard one, so no one can be disappointed! You’ll workout EVERY MUSCLE GROUP in this full length pilates workout. Summer Slimdown Part 2 www.youtube.com POP Pilates Playlist: “Love the Way You Lie – MASHUP” by Sam Tsui, download MP3 here: www.youtube.com “Love You Long Time” Black Eyed Peas “Just Can’t Get Enough” Black Eyed Peas “Judas” Lady Gaga “Till the World Ends” Britney Spears “Hold it Against Me” Britney Spears “Other Side of Down” David Archuleta “United States of Pop 2010 – Don’t Stop the Pop” DJ Earworm My 2nd channel: www.youtube.com Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com Fan me on facebook: www.facebook.com Read my blog: www.blogilates.com Shop my designs www.ogorgeous.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Pilates 20 minute workout routine to shape your body. www.medicaltoday.net

40 thoughts on “POP Pilates: Summer Slimdown Part 1

  1. I just came across your videos 🙂 I love them !!! I even shared the link on my blog so all my friends can try out your Summer Slimdown. I felt the burn in my tummy for sure and Im going to try doing them 3 times this week 🙂

    Keep up the good work !

  2. On that last exercise, you said that we should be feeling it in our hamstrings, butt and upper back but I could only feel it in my lower back, is there something I am doing wrong?

  3. I love this format of 2 parts that make 1 whole body workout. I want more!! 🙂 As always, thanks Cassey for your hard work

  4. so if i do this, along with maybe 30 minutes of running, how long will it take to see results? and is the 30 mins of extra cardio neccessary to burn the fat?

  5. I just tried 13mins of this workout– I could barely do 1thing full out. Should I be concerned? I usually just run, but I’m thinking of adding POP Pilates into my workouts(: This is fabulous! Thank You Cassey!

  6. Hi, You should try intellectus 424 diet (Search on Google). Me and my friend lost a load of unwanted fat best diet ever.

  7. cassey i love these workouts so much and they’ve really been helping me out this summer. working towards that bikini body for sure 🙂
    but i still seem to be having trouble with the double leg lifts (?) and i was wondering which part of my body and what kind of workout i should do to improve. i honestly can’t do it. somehow my legs keep getting bent and they refuse to go up.
    please help!!!!!!!
    and thanks again for all the videos!

  8. cassey, i have a question. during the first part of this video.. where we warm up our abs and we had to slightly tilt backwards.. instead of feeling hip flexors or my abs trembling.. my tailbone was in a lot of pain.. am i doing it wrong??

  9. OMG concratulations cassey you’re just AWESOME ! I love your vids, it helps me a lot : ) by the way, your body is gorgeous !

  10. PHEW! just finished part 1 haha this feels great! about to do part 2, then some tae bo 🙂 summer’s too close to be nice to my body! time to get serious;)

  11. Thank you for posting this! In 2004, I was doing this workout regularly and seeing results (lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks). I stopped doing the workout for a while and in the process of moving, the VHS tape got packed up. I have a WP set of workout DVD’s, but not the 20 minute workout. This one was my favorite and I’m very excited about doing it again. <3

  12. i hope this really works (for weight loss) because I didn’t really sweat much and I wasn’t doing the modified versions either.

  13. omg when i watched this i thought what the hell, how will that stupid movement help me loose weight but when i tried it, it is the most difficult thing in the world loooll

  14. a thank you from me too for posting this. I tried to look for a dvd of this cause I don’t have a vcr or don’t want to use my vcr and vhs cause of sucky quality anymore. but couldn’t find any. I love these pilates!

  15. @2221971 I lost a little over 30 pounds by doing Winsor Pilates, and at first, I wasn’t even eating right! Although I do the accelerated body workout, which is about an hour long workout. But, whenever I don’t feel like doing the hour long workout, I do this one. Much shorter, although still a good workout.

  16. Thanks for posting this!! I’ve been looking for her workouts for a LONG time and they don’t sell this one in the US anymore!! 🙁 Thanks!!!

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