Pilates Plus of Schaumburg — Pilates MVe Chair Equipment Class #1

This Pilates equipment class includes the MVe chair by Peak Pilates. It includes innovative moves to incorporate your equipment workout. MVe chairs are excellent for all fitness levels and work all areas of the body.

Check out www.fitnessblender.com for free at home workouts, healthy recipes, and more! This beginner version of the Pilates Leg Pull calls upon your core muscles and also incorporates the glute and hamstring muscles with the leg lifts. To get a toned core with this Pilates exercise, be sure to keep your pelvis and torso stabilized throughout the motion; don’t let them tilt or twist. This exercise utilizes multiple muscles, from the shoulders to the knee joints, providing total body toning without a single piece of equipment. This exercise naturally has a very small range of motion; don’t force range of motion with jerky or bouncy movements. Once this exercise is easy, move up to the Pilates Leg Pull Level 2.
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