question about tae bo and pilates?

Question by joe m: question about tae bo and pilates?
im skinny, and i wanna get bigger, i wanna have a good v-line, bigger chest, but i dont have an weight-lifting equipment. so i was wondering can tae bo and pilates help me getting bigger.

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Answer by $k!nny
I don’t know …but darling why do u wanna be bigger ?!
Ain’t u healthy and happy with ur weight?
that aint an answer but WHY!?

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  1. If you eat more, and do some advanced Tae Bo workouts it may make you bigger. Although you’ll probably be burning the weight off, so you may still look smaller. I really don’t know how to answer this one since my experience with Tae Bo has been weight loss. I guess eating alot more and doing Tae Bo is worth a try.

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