pilates power gym good or bad?

Question by shamon88 m: pilates power gym good or bad?
Hey, I go to the gym a lot but have recently grown bored with all my local gym has to offer. And the next few months I’m going to be really busy, which will make it difficult to commit to going to the gym for two hours. I want to purchase something for home that will have a lot of weight resistance, and be able to target most if not all of my body. This home gym seems to fall in my price range, and I like that I can still do all the moves I would of done at gym on it as well as addition pilates moves. The web site is here: http://www.thane.ca/products/fitness/pilatespowergym/pilatespowergym.php?gclid=CPPpudPYw4wCFRrnPgodsiUvbA

Please check it out and tell me what you think? Of if you have used it if it worked for you? I really do want to get a good work out at home. If you have any other home equipment suggestions let me know.

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Answer by Λšŧậяộŧħ
I just checked the video out and I have SERIOUS doubt about the quality of this machine. Personally I prefer going to the gym, machines made to target a specific muscle group are much better than do-everything machines, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

If you want a home gym, I suggest either a) buying free weights (you can workout your WHOLE body with them) or b) search for ”home gym” on Google. Here’s a good one I found: http://www.bowflex.ca/bhg_microsite_ca/productinformation/homegymcomparison/prdcdovr~100000/Bowflex+Ultimate+Home+Gym.jsp
Personally, I’d go for option a. (Might take more space though.)

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