Q&A: How do I tone up my thighs and get flatter stomach?

Question by Wysdom: How do I tone up my thighs and get flatter stomach?
Ok, here is the deal, I read lots and lots on exercises but I have one problem that noone seems to know the answer to. I would like to try pilates but I am very short (4’10) and it doesn’t seem like people make exercise equipment for the vertically challenged. Help anyone? Am I too short for pilates? By the way, I have knee problems so cant run to burn calories/fat.

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Answer by Fitty
Instead of running, try an ellipse machine, or spinning class. I just made that switch myself. It takes longer than running but I can do it with less pain.

The change was based on advice from an orthopedic surgeon.

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  1. I don’t think you are too short for pilates. Remember, you don’t need all the equipment to do it. My mum does it and all she has is a pilates dvd, she does it regularly in the living room with just a towel folded up underneath her head.
    Lynne Robinson’s pilates dvds are good. Even I’ve tried some of the exercises and it seems to me that if you keep at it, you will reap the benefits!

  2. Try doing circuit training before your cardio.Training weights will deplete your glycogen stores(stored carbohydrates).At that point your body will burn fat more efficiently.
    Start the circuit with an upper body exercise.Do a lower body exercise after that.Continue through the entire cicuit like this until you’re finished.This will increase the circulation by pumping blood back and forth between the muscle groups.That increases the vascular stimulation exponentially.
    You can find alot of info here.Don’t let the name fool you.There is all kinds of info there.
    Do your cardio after you go aroung the circuit one or two times.The people in your gym are supposed to be telling you this.Please slap whoever is responsible for not doing so.
    There is no specific exercise for ANY area of the body.Exercising a specific muscle group does not cause fat metabolism there.
    You must maintain a healthy lower calorie diet.Eat less carbohydrates and more whole foods and protein.Protein is helpful because it’s the highest thermic food.
    Going for a walk in the evening can be helpful but weight training is one of the best exercises you can do to lose weight.
    One of the ways this works is by stimulating new muscle growth thus metabolizing more calories even at rest(about 50 cal per pound of muscle).
    The fact of the matter is you MUST just stick with it.Following some of the guidelines here will help.
    It is also unnecessary to drink 8 8 ounce glasses of water per day.
    Targeting weight training in the areas in which you want to tone will firm up the muscles.E mail me if you want me to include additional details.I’ll come back and edit.

  3. How to make my stomach flat
    If you want to make your stomach flat, then you need to follow a proper exercise, diet schedule and get sufficient sleep. You need to get the right proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and vitamins daily in your diet. There is no magical formula to make the tummy flat; exercise and hard work is the only way to make your tummy flat.


    Intake Low carb diet·

    Do not consume foods high in sugar content·

    If possible do not eat junk food. If you need to eat junk food , consume less ·

    Eat low fat food and avoid fried foods·

    Drink fruit juices and plenty of water·

    Eat lots of green leafy vegetable and fruits

    Exercise: Jogging is the best exercise to start with. You need to jog for at least 20 minutes before you start doing the tummy exercises. Tummy crunch or sit ups is the best exercise for your stomach. Do the tummy crunch in different variations. The more the repetitions, the more strength for your tummy muscles. Swimming is also a good exercise for the whole body. Some yoga poses also help in strengthening the upper and lower part of the tummy and also increase the flexibility of the stomach muscles. Sleep: Sleep is a necessity for rest, relaxation and recuperation. You need to get a good sleep, to recharge your muscles after a workout. On an average an adult needs around 8 hours of sleep. If you rest for fewer hours, the risk of becoming overweight increases.

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