Exercise Advise? How often cardio, pilates etc?

Question by R1980: Exercise Advise? How often cardio, pilates etc?
I need some exercise advise. Currently, I walk 30 minutes, 5 days a week. In addition to this, how often should I do my exercise DVD’s and what “type” (cardio, pilates, light weights etc) should I do? I don’t understand when/how often one should do these.

From what I understnad, there’s a correct order to be doing these, but I’m not sure as to what that is(lol). Thanks!

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Answer by cs
You can do cardio everyday!

You can also do most of your videos everyday. You wouldn’t want to do the same video 2 days in a row. A good routine would be:

10 minutes warm up cardio to get your heart rate up
20 minute to 1 hour exercise video
Follow with enough cardio to make your total exercise time 1 to 1.5 hours for the day.

And then rotate your videos like this example:

Monday: warm up, strength exercise video, cardio
Tuesday: warm up, core/ab exercise video, cardio
Wednesday: warm up, flexibility, balance or stabilizer work video, cardio
Thursday: warm up, strength or pilates video, cardio
Friday: break–maybe some easy stretching and a fun walk
Saturday: big cardio day (go for a 2 hour hike or bicycle ride)
Sunday: upper body cardio day like swimming or rowing

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