I need ideas on how to relieve severe muscle pain due to exercise.?

Question by Roxie: I need ideas on how to relieve severe muscle pain due to exercise.?
I’ve tried ice packs to no avail and then switched to a heating pad which seems to help a bit more. It feels like my leg muscles are going to rip apart. I work out on a regular basis at the gym and never had this happen before. Have a feeling it was a new Pilates exercise that I tried, called the “Swim”. Can anyone recommend something to use that would help relieve the pain factor?

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Answer by Dave F
DO NOT USE HEAT!!! heat feel better because it motivates blood to rush in and out of the injured muscle… when the heat is removed it is no longer leaving the injured area and it causes pooling. after a while the liquid part of the blood leaves and youre left with the plasma, the solid part of blood. in really sever cases it can calcify and you will have bone in your muscle. use ice 20 minutes on 40 minutes off 3 times MINIMUM or it is not any help at all. after the 1st few days if there is no change see a doctor

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  1. Try bathing in a warm bath with Epsom salt. it is known to cure muscle soreness. also, you can try some creams such as bengay or icy hot.

  2. Stretch! It will hurt at first, but the best way to get rid of the soreness is to stretch out the muscles that hurt. Do it slowly. If you’re REALLY sore, try taking a hot bath first to warm the muscles and then stretch. Also, ibuprofen helps with muscle pain.

  3. arghhh, if you are as bad as you say you seriously need to stop training so hard…if the pain is that bad you are straining your muscles to a dangerous point and you could really damage your muscles.
    You might also need to stretch a lot more before exercise to minimize any muscle strains. And a warm down after exercise to stop ur muscles seizing up and hurting. Try a hot bath or shower to lossen muscles aswel
    but id youre in so much pain then your really going to hurt yourself soon…
    hav fun!!

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