Pilates Question?! (exercise?)?

Question by Viarockgirl: Pilates Question?! (exercise?)?
Normally I dread my exercising, but I just recently started doing pilates and I feel soooo great after doing it it’s insane. So this got me suspicious – is pilates really good exercise, or am I being fooled?
I know it’s mostly for your upper body, and I still work on my legs and still do cardio for 30-45 minutes, but is it even good at all?

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Answer by Crim Liar
Pilates is as good as you make it! For a start as you get more experienced it’s easy to make the basic moves more complicated. Then you can add in moves that are in themselves more complicated/difficult. Oh and upper body, the majority of pilates routines target your core, not specifically the upper body, but there are certainly plenty of moves that also target your legs.

Just because it makes you feel great doesn’t mean it’s doing nothing good for you (do you associate a reoutine that leaves you feeling knackered as being worthwhile?).

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