Pilates Exercise Programs

Pilates Exercise Programs

Pilates Exercise Programs

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Home Page > Health > Wellness > Pilates Exercise Programs

Pilates Exercise Programs

Posted: Aug 11, 2009 |Comments: 0


Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates exercise model as soon as the second decade of the 20th century. The essence of this form of physical training is the emphasis on strengthening the major muscles and increase flexibility of the body. People with different physical love the Pilates exercise regime because it brings adaptability: in this way, seniors, pregnant women, people who have to recover after physical trauma, one can practice Pilates exercise rewardingly. In addition, the advantages of the method are available to anyone who just wants to improve the status of health personnel.

The deep abdominal and lumbar muscles are often called the core muscles, play a most important part of Pilates exercise. The superficial muscles that support the spine can run much better and better movement of the train if the flexibility and strengthen these key muscles. Therefore, the health of the entire torso is affected by the condition of the main muscles. And here is the explanation for the relief of back pain that results after participating constantly Pilates exercise programs.

The only method of Pilates exercise focuses on the importance of working properly without having to repeat the exercise. If each and every exercise is done accurately and completely, the results are incredible. Moreover, the model of Pilates training is based on an inclusive approach that involves the formation of the whole body and not focus exclusively on the back, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

Pilates exercise movements are rather slow and balanced, so anyone can train like this, no matter the individual physical condition. Then, the stability that the body is provided during training, has a direct impact on the flexibility of movement, posture, balance and health of muscles. For best results, always an exercise to practice Pilates under the guidance of a professional.

People with physical challenges are first encouraged to seek help from a professional coach and join some type of aerobic fitness. Statistics show that the recovery rate of people with the symptoms of physical trauma was higher for patients who use the health system of Pilates. The adaptability and flexibility of exercises allows each fellow to develop a smooth rhythm at all. There are no risks, no pain and very small charge to join a gym routine of aerobic exercises. Do it for your health!

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Yvonne Corilla
About the Author:

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I’m a 29 yr old asthmatic mother of 3. I recently started an exercise program. I seem to always get extremely tired. I take my meds prn. Any of you have asthma, exercise regulary & DO NOT get…
Does dish network offer a free exercise program channel?
What are some pilates exercises?

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