What is more effective? Pilates or cardio? EXERCISE?!?

Question by Ashlyn: What is more effective? Pilates or cardio? EXERCISE?!?
i want to tone and lose inches. which is better for this? or do i have to do both? what kind of exercise, how often, and how long?

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Answer by Stout22
i have the perfect article for you to read. follow the link im leaving and go to womens fitness. theres an article either on the front page or in the training section thats called “strength training vs cardio”. it’ll give u everything ur looking for.

the exercises section will really help you out too

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  1. You’ve to do both, cardio and Pilates.

    Cardio exercise is the most powerful way to speed up your metabolism so you’ve higher metabolic rate to burn off excess fat from your entire body, to lose the fat (weight).

    Pilates is a muscle strengthening exercise that strengthens, stretches, sculpts and firms up all your core muscles (abs, butts, back, spine and thighs/legs) and all your other muscles, to help you build up the lean muscle mass in your muscles.

    The more lean muscle mass you’ve in your body, the higher your metabolism since muscle mass is metabolically active, meaning it burns fat fast and burns it even when you’re resting.

    Hence, you’ll burn off more calories, to help you lose inches off your body.

    I think this website which provides one of the most comprehensive info regarding exercise and toning exercise will help you out: http://www.perfect-body-toning.com

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