Pilates? At Home Cardio?

Question by feelthemusic234: Pilates? At Home Cardio?
I am 16, about 5’9 or 10′ and have been growing ever closer to 180 pounds. I feel terrible about myself considering I was about 155 one year ago. Anyway I’ve been eating a little better and doing pilates at home. Will pilates make me gain weight because it builds muscle?
How can I do some at home cardio without any fancy equipment? Will running help?

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Answer by Lisa
Running will definitely help with the cardio. Anything that really gets your heart rate up can help.

As for pilates, it is an EXCELLENT way to tone your body. Don’t worry about gaining weight. If you’re eating right and doing a little cardio you’ll lose some. Even if you do gain muscle mass don’t focus on the number on the scale. Just focus on good you look and that number won’t matter.

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  1. I have rebounder that I bounce around on when the weather prevents me from going outside.

    A rebounder is like a mini-trampoline. It is great fun to do, you can jog, twist, do jacks, knee lifts, leg curls and much more. They aren’t expensive, about uk £20/US$40.

    Using a rebounder will burn calories, challenge your balance as you try to keep yourself stable (which means you will be exercising your smaller stabilising muscles as you try to keep your balance) without any impact of a hard surface.

    Power walking is another great FREE way to exercise. You can pound the streets, enjoy the outdoors, get your heart rate going and burn fat.

    For toning, Pilates exercises are your best bet. This will lengthen, strengthen and tone your body without adding bulk.

    I appreciate that you need to be economical with your time so have put together some Pilates exercises to do while at your desk. The exercises are FREE, professionally put together and really do give you results (providing you do them regularly!).

    The exercises can be found at


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