Pilates Exercise Principles

A great intro and review for both beginners and experienced Pilates exercisers. Learn the seven things you should keep in mind when doing a Pilates class or workout. Featuring Coach Nicole, a fitness expert from SparkPeople.com.

www.mindbites.com Tighten & Tone is the first of our Exercise Band workouts. This workout contains exercises that use the band to simulate Pilates reformer exercises, as well as exercises for tightening and toning your entire body. This total body workout leaves you feeling strong and elongated! Be sure to check out our next Exercise Band workout Stretch and Strengthen (www.mindbites.com as well. This video Pilates lesson is part of a broader catalog of lessons available through www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com, a subscription-based Pilates video site. The creators of Ultimate Pilates Workouts, Katherine & Kimberly Corp are the founders of Pilates on Fifth (http a well-known and well-respected Pilates studio in NYC. Katherine and Kimberly Corp own and operate Manhattans largest Pilates studio, Pilates on Fifth. Their diverse blend of experiences from corporate women to Radio City Rockettes to studio owners gives them a rare understanding of both active and inactive peoples needs. They are committed to helping regular people get more life out of their years through fitness. They launched the Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast in June of 2007, which quickly rose to #1 in the health section of iTunes. The Japanese version of the podcast, The New York Pilates Video Podcast, premiered 6 months later and also hit #1 on Japanese iTunes.
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11 thoughts on “Pilates Exercise Principles

  1. what’s the rush! she talks too fast that made me watched this video over n over again ..but it’s helpful tnx anyway.

  2. If you listen carefully your belly should not rise, but your chest should.You are holding your core tight, or ‘engaging’ the ab muscles and letting your ribs expand with the breath. It’s of course impossible to breath deeply without your body moving 😉

  3. Thanks, those principles are very helpful. I’ve taken pilates classes before and the instructor did not emphasize the importance of all of those before class

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