Q&A: What do you think is the best exercise for people with back, hip and knee problems??

Question by crazymom617: What do you think is the best exercise for people with back, hip and knee problems??
I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this one but I’d like to see if anyone else has some additional ideas (some of you have some really great ideas as I monitor and participate in this site, you may be able to remind me of something I’ve forgotten).

I need to lose about 50-80 lbs, but everytime I start to exercise (ie, treadmill, weights, floor exercises, pilates & yoga to name of few) I end up with muscle spasms, hips going out because of the constant slamming on the treadmill, etc. Helpful suggestions appreciated I’m also almost 50 and I don’t feel that is old but I do know I’m not in the kind of shape I need to be in to have a good quality of life that we all look forward to in retirement.

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Answer by TJTB
Swimming. It’s easy on all body parts except fat!

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  1. my hip and knee was always going out but i found if you take a asprin a day it makes things more bearable and beleive it or not you can at least take walks again i guess cause the asprin is a blood thinner it helped with pain more than you know

  2. Try stretching before and after workouts. That helps with muscle cramps, soreness, etc.. Water exercises are very low impact on joints, but be careful. I totally through my back out in water aerobics. Swimming is great exercise. Walking is also low impact compared to the treadmill. You might try an exercise bike. Start small and work up to a normal work-out. Good luck!

  3. Join a facility that has “Water Aerobic” plus a sauna or steam room. After water class use the sauna or steam room and take a couple of aspirin. That helps to relax you. You may feel a little achy at first but do it and you will see you will feel more energetic and as the weight comes off you can go on to other light exercises. Work your way up. Believe it or not you can get a really good workout in the water and you will find yourself actually sweating in there. It if fun and amazing. Good luck.

  4. do not use weights or resistance on exercise machines to start of with the more reps you do at 1st the more weight you will loose but you must diet also, your body will let you know when to move up in the exercise program.If that don,t work i strongly suggest that you seek a physical therapist because the back is nothing to play with.

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