What actually is pilates? (stretching/exercise one)?

Question by killiana: What actually is pilates? (stretching/exercise one)?
What type of exercise is it? Is it really helpful? Have you tried it?

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Answer by Sweetbulbs
It is a stretching exercise. It’s similar to yoga, but quite different. I personally like pilates, to me it really does help flatten my tummy! It’s worth a shot!

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  1. Pilate’s are controlled movements that tone and stretches your muscles without adding mass.Total sculpting. I have been doing them for almost two years have two kids and love it.

  2. pilates focuses on stretching and making your core stronger. (stomach, back, butt). Its awesome. its helpful too but its a lot of work. i’ve done it. its better to do in a class setting because the trainer will tell you if you’re doing something wrong so you dont hurt yourself,

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