Advanced Pilates Exercises & Routines : V-Out Pilates Exercises

Advanced Pilates for aerobic fitness. Learn how to do V-out Pilates exercises in this free online video workout regimen, including basic Pilate mat routines. Expert: Susan Perry Contact: Bio: Susan Perry is the owner of Sweat by Design fitness studio.
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Simple, inexpensive, occupational therapy-based exercises proven to work for facial paralysis, now used for face lifts.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

8 thoughts on “Advanced Pilates Exercises & Routines : V-Out Pilates Exercises

  1. what the fuck is she talking about, listen for a real hands-on approach to the proper use of a pilates ball i highly suggest you watch my tutorials

  2. These are occupational therapy exercises that are used on many patients who have had facial problems. They have not shown to increase wrinkles, but rather have increased elasticity of the skin. Elasticity prevents wrinkles.

  3. yo pienso que es importante estos ejercisios pues esa parte es a la que menos le damos importancia, y no es asi.

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