anybody have a basic pointe work/ballet exercise regime?

Question by lifedancer: anybody have a basic pointe work/ballet exercise regime?
i have been on pointe for a year and need to practice daily. i need to find an exercise regime to do every day – like what exercise and how many repetitions. i need pretty basic stuff, because i can’t turn or pique up very well yet. pilates exercises will be helpful too. if anyone has suggestions, they would be appreciated!

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Answer by Yvonne W
Here’s what I did when I first got on Pointe…

First warm up your feet! Don’t forget that!!!!

FIRST: Do 20 releves at barre. 20 releves at centre.

SECOND: Do 10 pas de borees at barre. 15 at centre.

THIRD: 10 echappes at barre. 15 at centre.

FOURTH: Bouree 10 feet to the left, then the right.

FIFTH: Pretend like you are going to do a turn, but just go straight on Pointe, into 5th releve. Do that at least 10 times for each leg.

SIXTH: Plie in 4th. Then go onto the foot in front, as if you’re going to turn. Put other leg in posse, and balance for awhile. Then do the same with the other leg. Do 10 for each leg.

SEVENTH: Be on flat foot and stand in arabesque. Holding onto the barre at first, plie and go straight onto pointe. Do that 10 times each for both legs, and then do it 5 times each leg at centre.

Hope this helps, and good luck on continuing at Pointe work!!!

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