What Pilates exercises are suitable to get leaner legs?

Question by JessiMay: What Pilates exercises are suitable to get leaner legs?
I have quite muscular legs and I would like to try and lose more bulk muscle and have more lean muscle to achieve leaner, longer looking legs. Thanks X

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  1. The ones where you bend your legs and unbend them, I don’t know the chapter it is in the Pilates dvd sorry!

  2. If you are working on the machines then leg circles, tower and foot work are great. Most pilates mat work is really for your abs though you can get a magic circle but once again it’s limited. The big drawback with pilates is that you need to be on the Cadillac or the reformer to really change your legs
    You can get a decent reformer now second hand for less than 100.00.

    If you want lean, dancer’s legs then DANCE. Do ballet and do accelerated stretching sessions. Don’t avoid weight training too. Legs only bulk up from weights when you don’t stretch and when you don’t watch your diet. Train your legs two to three days in a row with one to two days in between. Lift 75% to 90 % of what brings you failure muscle wise

    Believe it or not you can even bulk up your waist and even legs from Pilates so get a good teacher. It’s not a DVD type of workout. I’d do ballet and/or Bikram yoga. Not only are they both much cheaper but Bikram yoga gets rid of cellulite, makes your legs long and elegant and makes your skin really beautiful.

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