Is the Pilates “hundred” exercise effective?

Question by xoredraiderette: Is the Pilates “hundred” exercise effective?
Anyone heard any positives about this particular exercise?

I did it last night as part of my Pilates fitness routine & core workout and am usually a bit sore afterward but today, did not wake up sore for some reason. :/

Hope I did it right…maybe I am just getting used to the workout routine that I have been doing lately…lol

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Answer by FitGuru
i have done these with my aerobics class and one-on-one with my clients.

i think that when i initially show them the exercise, they think it’s gong to be easy and ineffective. however, when done correctly, it is actually pretty difficult and when you do enough of them (usually 50-100 reps in a row), you will be sore the next day.

so, yes, the are very effective. they work mostly your upper abs. (ab exercises in which you raise your legs or knees works the lower abs).

to do them correctly, just make sure you are not bringing your chin into your chest; keep your head raised so that you are looking at the horizon and also keep your chest stuck out and your shoulders back (so that you are not rounding out your back).

hope this helps!

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  1. I think you are getting into good shape, so your not sore likely you would think you would be. Yes the new work out program works. I talked to a girlfriends daughter that is a dance instructor and she said it is a well planed out routine.

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