3 thoughts on “What is a better exercise, pilates or yoga?

  1. I would say exercise, but only if you’re doing it right. For example. plopping down on a cardio machine for an hour is the worst thing you could do. However, doing ten minutes on a bike (alternating climbing and sprinting), five walking on a treadmill, five jogging, five on a StairMaster, five on an elliptical, five jumping rope, and the move on to lifting some challenging weights – now THAT is a good workout! 🙂 You need to keep your heart racing all the while – yoga won’t do that; pilates would a bit more, but not like what I just described. Feel free to ask if you have any more inquiries 🙂

  2. both have good benefits. Why not do both? Because I find time to do so, and I love both. If you can Only pay for one class, do anyone and read up on the other and do it yourself!
    these are the benefits,

    yoga-acheive stressRelieff, achieve a clean mind, relaxing, refreshing,straightens muscless, tones body, prepares you for controlled breathing, clears negative energy, improves digestive system, increases balance,improvess vital energy, enhanced flexibility, improves posture, improves mood, messages all organs of body, creates a more limber you!

    Pilates- burns fat, tones bodystretcheses and soothes muscle, also challenges muscle in body, improveses core, increases stamina, improves posture

    here are props that are needed,

    yoga-mat, blanket or towel, wooden block, water bottle, lose clothes, bare feet, warm room, complete silence or calming music, bag to carry all.

    Pilates- possible Pilates ball, possible Pilates ball(s), possible resistance bands, mat, water bottle, comfortablele or sporty clothing. Can be done anywhere,

    so its really up to you. Both are similar in a way, but the origin is very different. I would say Pilates would tone your body more quickly, since yoga can be more tedious and takes a longer time. But dont miss out! It can still burn extra fat and is a must when doing other sportact ivieses like soccer or gymnasticscs, because the body is in so much strain it needs to relax as well.

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