What are the beneficial differences between yoga and pilates?

Question by Lovin29: What are the beneficial differences between yoga and pilates?
What is the difference between yoga and pilates? (in terms of how each benefits you, differently)

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Answer by yogi
yoga is an ancient system of philosophy that integrates a physical practise (postures). yoga will make you feel good all round, mind and body. yoga will calm you down and make your life synchronise better. it will also make you fit, and strengthen all your body systems, if you practise regularly.

Pilates is a body conditioning system created by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century which will greatly benefit your postural alignment and your core strength. Pilates is a lot more focused on body working techniques. there is a bit of a crossover between yoga and Pilates, and i believe that Joseph Pilates based his original system in part on some yoga exercises, but that’s where the similarity ends.

yoga you will feel benefits immediately. Pilates will take longer, but the effects can be dramatic.

some people find Pilates a bit too subtle, and conversely some people find yoga a bit to ‘spiritual’

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