Best Gift for Newly Pregnant Friend?

Question by hello: Best Gift for Newly Pregnant Friend?
So all those pregnant Moms and Dads out there, what was the best gift you got from someone when you first found out you were pregnant? My friend is very athletic and I though about getting here a Pregnancy Pilates book, thoughts?

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Answer by Star
I got a bunch of baby books, and a few maternity shirts that were stylish.

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  1. That would probably be a good idea if she is athletic or you could get her a gift certificate for a day spa so she can treat herself and relax.

  2. i got to go mother-in-law took me out shopping for maternity clothes…i loved it! it was mostly shirts b/c those are easier to pick out early rather than pants

    after u find out what the baby is, that’s when it gets exciting and a shopping spree is cool…let’s your friend pick out what she wants…

  3. THat would be good. But you should work oul with her too. Even if you are not pregnant or if you are a man. it would mean alot and it sounds like you are clase.

  4. a pregnancy pilates book would be great! If not the book What to Expect when you’re Expecting is really good. It answers LOTS of questions for pregnant women.

  5. I would get her a pregnancy book period.
    Specifically “What to expect when expecting”

    this was my ALL TIME favorite book, they also have things on exercising too!

    Good Luck!

    I got this book in a big basket filled with other goodies for a pregnant woman to enjoy- Cocoa butter- message oils, crackers-and other snacks-and hemmroid cream to be funny! I loved it!

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