POP Pilates: Legs and Thighs Workout (Full 10 min) Pilates Video

www.blogilates.com This legs and thighs Pilates workout video was made by request! It will really sculpt your inner and outer thighs (thigh master status!), tighten your butt, and tone your whole leg. Cassey Ho is a fun Pilates Instructor who loves mixing up her moves to upbeat pop music. Songs in this workout “Magic” by Robin Thicke “Watcha Say” by Jason Derulo “Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” by Lady GaGa —— Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com Read my Blogilates: www.blogilates.tumblr.com Join me on Facebook facebook.com or www.facebook.com ——
Video Rating: 4 / 5

www.blogilates.com Want that nice thigh gap for summer? Wanna look good in booty shorts or short shorts? Here it is. The ultimate inner thigh workout with POP Pilates Instructor Cassey Ho. Get ready. It’s a good one. Shorts by Etsy friend, LoopandLabor! Get em here www.etsy.com Songs: On the Floor by JLo featuring PitBull Dirty Dancer by Enrique Iglesias featuring Usher S&M by Rihanna Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com Fan me on facebook: www.facebook.com Read my blog: www.blogilates.com Shop my designs www.ogorgeous.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “POP Pilates: Legs and Thighs Workout (Full 10 min) Pilates Video

  1. I got butt cramp halfway through and had to stop. I feel like such a failure haha.

  2. a couple months before i left on a vacation to cuba i started really watching my calories (1400 per day) and doing pop pilates almost evereyday. i added my pictures from the trip when i got back and i’ve received sooooo many compliments. one girl on my facebook messaged me asking me what butt workouts i do. Pop Pilates 🙂

  3. Hi, have you thought about this method called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (google it). My friend says it helps people lose plenty of fat.

  4. Hi, have you thought about this method called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (google it). My friend says it helps people lose plenty of fat.

  5. Did this video for about two weeks and my thighs slimmed down SO MUCH! THANK YOUUUU! <3

  6. ogod still feeling my abs from the workout ive done yesterday… o.O really i have to those workouts everyday!!! ;D


  8. no. the video was literally not working. nothing on youtube was though for a few minutes apparently. i have no doubt the exercise works if its done for an extended period of time….

  9. I love how every time my butt’s about to come crashing down, Cassie’s like “DON’T SAG!”

  10. One of my favourite workouts EVER! Really effective when combined with a good (ish) diet and cardio! Legs look so toned and lean afterwards. Thanks for yet another great workout!

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  12. Holy cow…I come from the background of cardio, weights, and bootcamps. This is WAY more challenging and without anything other than body resistance. Love it!

  13. This workout is super awesome! Great music choices! (especially Robin Thicke :D)

  14. do these exercises work if youre not doing cardio? ive been doing it for like 3 weeks and i dont see any difference 🙁

  15. i wonder if it was bad that my hips kept popping every time during the first exercise..lol

  16. Finally found a workout that I’m 100 percent excited about! First week doing Pilates ever! and i have to say this set is amazing! you sure do feel the pain throughout the workout, and i truly feel like this works! looking forward to seeing a gap between my thighs and a toned butt! thank you!!!

  17. I just want everyone here to know that even though we don’t know eachother, we’re all on a mission to get fit and I wanna wish everyone the best of luck! We can do this!!!

  18. @cakesferdays yea if you combine all this exercise with a good diet I definitely see results and this workout has gotten much easier after doing it a few times

  19. Wow best thigh workout video I’ve seen so far! You can really feel your thighs dying (building muscles) 🙂

  20. I just did this, saddle bag shaver, and the perky butt ‘n long lean legs video, all for the very first time. I’m trying to lose weight for summer. I am currently 135, and 5’5 and a half. I’m fifteen years old, and I’m very excited to see the results of doing your videos regularly. I’m so inspired, and I’m going to stick to it this time. (:

  21. i want to thank you so much! i’ve only done your pilates videos for almost 3 weeks and i already have a very toned body!

  22. you do the best exercises! they are challenging but also quite fun to do, thanks! 🙂

  23. I watched the whole video before I did the workout, and was like, “this will be a piece of cake!”
    Just finished the workout… I am dead. Can definitely feel it in my thighs though! Thankyou so much for this haha

  24. will this build muscle on the legs or will it slim them out and make them more lean? 🙂

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