Exactly what is pilates and what are some moves?

Question by Natalia: Exactly what is pilates and what are some moves?
I always go online to find Pilates moves just to use as examples, because for my entrepreneurship class, I’m beginning a (false) Pilates studio, and I don’t want to copy Winsor Pilates’s moves, since they had modified the moves a bit. I just want some of the original moves. Does anyone have any examples?

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Answer by Butiful-lol
Pilates is asian yoga. And it is supposed to b calming a nd stress relieving. A move is laying on your back putting your feet up in the air together and doin a sit-up wit yo legs like that the whole tyme.

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  1. Pilates and Yoga are similar, pilates concentrates more on the toning and strenghtening on the body, you use weight and other tools such as pilates machines to help you out, not just floor moves. I concentrate on Yoga so…Yoga is for your mind and your spirit. Great for stress and strenghtening, and flexability. Pilates is more like light aerobics to me.

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