Good Pilates dvd for the relief of chronic lower and upper back pain?

Question by missundaztoodpink: Good Pilates dvd for the relief of chronic lower and upper back pain?
I’ve suffered with back pain for six months now, and after having numerous physiotherapy treatments, I’ve now been referred to podiartry. I’ve heard Pilates can help people in my position and just wondered if anyone knew of a good pilates dvd to tackle back pain.

If anyone has tried and tested any Pilates dvd please let me know, I’m desperate for some relief! Thanks.

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Answer by gillianprowe
First wait until you see the Podiatrist, as you may have a ‘gait’ problem, walk out of alignment, or your feet may be rolling. If you end up with insoles, it will take a time for them to work, readjust your alignment. Pilate’s, well my experience was to see a PT, then join a class to get the idea of muscle groups, how to first find them and then exercise them. Once I learn that, got my core strength, then I started with a DVD at Home. I picked mine up at a Supermarket and then another one I got Free inside the Sunday News Paper. Pilate’s is just that, a strict form of exercise that once you learn, you will never forget. Therefore, any DVD will be the same set of exercises, you only have to decide if you want a famous person to show you, or a ordinary person. Best of Luck

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