POP Pilates: Abominable Abdominals

www.blogilates.com Cassey does it once again with a killer ab workout to rival that of P90X’s Ab Ripper X. See if you can last! Top by Fit Activewear www.fitactivewear.net Songs by Marc Johnce. Rolling Sassy Against Me Katy Perry vs. Britney Spears 3T Report on the Floor Bad S&M Girl BLOG: www.blogilates.com FACEBOOK www.facebook.com TWITTER: www.twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “POP Pilates: Abominable Abdominals

  1. It is not REALLY Pilates, but Cassey, I love your workouts….gives me nice ideas for my own classes.Amazing!!!!

  2. My neck keeps tensing up when i have to lift my shoulders.. is that normal? And how do I stop it.

  3. so, i was having a lazy day and thought i should at least do one video. it got me in such a great mood that i did five! your videos are the only ones that make me want to do more and keep going! thanks 🙂

  4. suck you’re stomach in (belly button to your spine like she always says). it’s like impossible to arch your back if you do that cause then your tightening your core which includes your back muscle around your spine!

  5. things i learned today: on abs days when you’re doing multiple ab videos… start with this. you’ll hate yourself if you leave it till the end.

  6. Hi . I used to experience the same thing . that means you’re not exercising your tummy but your neck instead . to know whether i made the correct suggestion , try doing this work out all over again and lift ur upper body higher ( but not too high obviously ! you will know how high ) whenever your neck hurts. You will find your tummy hurting and shaking ( THATS WHEN YOU ARE ACTUALLY WORKING IT OUT ! ) Good luck and have fun 🙂

  7. I really like this workout a lot but when I did the running move i think i was arching my back & it was really starting to hurt. tips ?

  8. I love your all workouts but this is absolutely my favourite: it`s training, but it has the best songs ever!!! I love them all thanks ♥

  9. @blogilates
    Great video’s and execises Cassey! Love to do your exercises in my class!
    Grtz from Radha from Amsterdam Holland

  10. When i hold my head up for the first few exercises i feel like in straining my neck and it hurts HELP! Any suggestions

  11. that felt really goooddd…. I hope it hurts tomorrow.. I can feel it wayy more than at the gym 🙂 THANKS

  12. Wow I absolutely adore this, it’s a killer and my abs feel amazing afterwards every time! Thank you <3

  13. OMG it was really hard , but thanks to you I always want to doy exercise :D, you give a lot of energy thank you <3

  14. could you make one with few breaks and some more work on obliques? I love your muffin meltdown video, but that one doesn’t include the lower/upper abbs like this one…if you feel like it, you could combine them and maybe make it a bit more intense? Thanks! Love your videos:)

  15. Oh my God, Cassey! I’ll be proud of myself when I’ll be able to do it without stopping and with a smile on my face 😀 I think I did like 1/4 of the whole workout and I was repeating to myself “I’m gonna kill somebody if this doesn’t kill me” the whole time xD Amazing video!

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