POP Pilates: Upper Body Workout – Arms, Chest, and Shoulders! (Full 10 min) Pilates Video

www.blogilates.com This Pilates video concentrates on the upper body and was specially created by request! You’ll be sore tomorrow in your arms, chest, and shoulders and you’re gonna love it. Cassey Ho is a fun Pilates Instructor who loves mixing up her moves to upbeat pop music. Songs in this workout “She Wolf” by Shakira “Tic Tok” by Kesha “Starstruck” by Lady Gaga featuring Space Cowboy and Flo Rida —— Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com Read my Blogilates: www.blogilates.tumblr.com Join me on Facebook facebook.com or www.facebook.com ——

25 thoughts on “POP Pilates: Upper Body Workout – Arms, Chest, and Shoulders! (Full 10 min) Pilates Video

  1. i love this video, and i love you! hehehehehe i cant wait to see my results all thanks to youuu <3 but yeah nevermind, im ALREADY getting results ^^

  2. try doing cardio, like juming jacks and things like that. It will get your heart going which means you’ll lose wight while helping to keep muscle in your arms! 🙂

  3. The music overshadowed your voice, but i loved this workout! Arms are my weak point so I dont like to do them, but it makes me feel so good afterward! love the diamond push up- very hard!

  4. these workouts make my arms are getting a lot more muscular, but unfortunately, they dont look good 🙁
    i look horrible in strapless dresses because my shoulders look buff which makes me look fat. is there a way to make my shoulders/arms appear slimmer while still having muscle? thankss (:

  5. Thank you Cassy! I did this everyday, twice a day for a week and a half and my arms are back to normal and much stronger! Ur a great instructor!

  6. i think most people will agree that its alot harder than it actually looks…
    but i loved it 🙂

  7. Hey! Have you tried the Fat Blast Furnace (do a search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my father shed a ton of unwanted fat.

  8. As much as I appreciated your uploading this video, I have to admit, I hated you during those arm rotations. Give me a couple of weeks and I will ove you for it!

  9. I had to modify some of the positions but I did it! And boy am I feeling it! My bum is still sore from your butt blaster vid that I did a few days ago, and this soreness in my arms will surely be sticking around for some time. 😀

  10. started with the food baby hiit, almost died…
    and followed by this video, and i die again!
    my gosh, my hands are shivering when i type

  11. She said to keep smiling and gosh darnit, I did. Just kept telling myself that it felt good and I made it through!!

  12. obviously, this is NOT for beginners. I didn’t make it through the first 2 min of the video… I’m sure going to keep trying though.

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