Is the Curves workout circuit safe?

Question by luvmy3kids: Is the Curves workout circuit safe?
I have 3 herniated lumbar discs, sacro ilieac joint disorder, fibromyalgia and arthritis? I joined Curves because I thought it would be easier on my body. I find that the machines that work great for my abs and core are killing my back. I’m at a loss as of what to try. I can’t do anything that has me jumping around, because it gives me severe headaches from a brain anuerysm that is clipped. So I do NOT do Zumba when at Curves. I need to lose this weight. Is there any doctors that can please answer this for me? My back goes out very easily. Just bending to brush my teeth can put my back in severe pain. I am 48 and was always active. This is very difficult for me. I use a TENS unit, with limited success. Is there anything I can do that would help me? I do have a semi recumbant bike I use at home along with the Susan Lucci Pilates chair. Help!!

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Answer by tennislover
i would imagine its safe.. but with your current back condition.. i cannot take a gamble on you.. nor should you
so u should ask someone professional.. like a chiropractor… you cannot take a chance with your back my Dear…..

id say do swimming… maybe light weight training…..


u can also ask this question in chiropractor section

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